Attracting potential applicants' attention

Using the fundamental principle of networking: the know, like and trust factor, an Agent can and will use their friends and associates connected by Facebook, LinkedIn or personal contacts to recommend job offers. Agents can also be smart applications built on our API that harness the power of social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn) to find and capture a potential applicant’s attention.


Finding enough qualified candidates

Bravuz Hire will attack the “Finding enough qualified candidates” issue by using our incentivized network to find, validate and recruit talent. By decentralizing the recruitment process, Bravuz Hire shall effectively lower the resource acquisition cost and create a more democratic and free job market in the process.


Hight Cost of Employee Acquisition

Bravuz Hire is a platform that will be engineered to leverage both Ethereum Blockchain technologies and it’s Smart Contracts to increase efficiencies and decrease cost to employee acquisition that many companies face. Bravuz Hire is a closed loop payment system, meaning no new tokens will be created or destroyed and Bravuz HireMatch will only accept HIRE to fuel its network of agents.


What is Bravuz Hire business model?

Bravuz Hire will charge a small transaction fee HIRE to acquire for a company or recruiter looking to participate. Also once a candidate is selected, HireMatch will receive a small amount of HIRE tokens release from the smart contract (Bounty).

How is Bravuz Hire using blockchain technology?

The use of blockchain technology is reflected in our platform by two major elements: Job Posters (Companies and Recruiters) and Agents (Those who match, verify and submit talent).

Blockchain technology, specifically the Smart Contract ensures that agreements between job posters and agents issued on our platform are unique, secure, automatic and transparent.

What do you already have?

We have a fully functional alpha version, and mobile app front end, please check out our GitHub Repository

How will Bravuz Hire be successful?

Our ultimate goal isn’t to compete directly with other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, but rather to provide a solution and support for the current woes in the job board and recruitment industry.

Via our HIRE Token, we will implement a democratization of the job market. By using and implementing this platform, agents will receive rewards in the form of HIRE Tokens, giving power back to the people and away from large corporate job boards.

The global staffing market currently sits at a total of $404 billion. The average recruitment commission is $37,500 per installment of a candidate.

We have been projected to quickly take a large percentage of this market fairly quickly with successful implementation of our system.

Why you should trust us?

Our CoFounders are well know and have an extensive background in the IT/Marketing industry. Our advisors are experts in their respective fields.

You can also meet our founders and team members at various exhibitions and conferences of fin-tech industry, and you can talk to our top management. We do not hide the address of our office; all the information is on our website and is completely real. We have been working for more than three years and have proved ourselves as a reliable partner.

What is the HIRE Token?

HIRE is an ERC20 token that represents partial ownership and fuel for the Bravuz HireMatch job network. The primary usage of the token is to incentivize user agents to find, recommend and verify applicants for job listings.

Why should I buy the HIRE token?

Initially HIRE is sold to support the HireMatch platform. Post-ICO the HIRE token will be the only way to participate and to be part our revolution.

Why and how will tokens usage grow, where will the demand come from?

As our system becomes more and more efficient over time with our closed feedback loop, recruiters and companies will recognize the power of using HireMatch and will have to acquire HIRE to participate.

How can I Aquire Hire Tokens?

1. Earn HIRE Tokens/ Help find employees for companies

The primary usage of the token is to incentivize user agents to find, verify and submit candidates to job listings on our platform. Anyone can earn HIRE tokens by using our mobile application or developing an application that interacts with our API to perform these actions.

Spread the word about HireMatch and increase awareness by publishing articles, creating podcasts and participating in Ted Talks. These all help us grow together and improve. Join the conversation here: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2181640.0

2. Buy HIRE

HIRE is available and is publicly traded on cryptocurrency exchanges.

HIRE will also be listed on major exchanges, announcements will be made shortly by the HireMatch team

Where do users keep their HIRE Token?

An ERC20 Token is a Ethereum Blockchain “token standard” ensuring that wallet apps, exchanges, etc. can accept and interact with any ERC20 token easily.

Here are the instructions: https://myetherwallet.groovehq.com/knowledge_base/topics/how-to-see-a-new-token-in-myetherwallet?from_search=true

How collected funds will be used?

Operations 25%, Legal 10%, Marketing 25%, Development and Implementation 40%

Potential indicators of profit growth are indicated in the Business Model, and methods in the Road Map, which you can view in our White Paper.